New design for 1516 2nd Avenue - It is time to move on from the standard Condo Towers!

Located at 1516 2nd Avenue, across from the luxe Fifteen-Twenty One and nestled between Pike and Pine streets this new two-tower development will be made up of 524 condominiums, 269 parking stalls  and two outdoor spaces! The team behind this thoughtful design is developer Plus Investment USA, contractor the Walsh Group out of Chicago and award-winning architect Hewitt of Seattle.

“Mama Tower”

“Mama Tower”

The design will consist of two towers, one soaring 484 feet and the other at 160 feet. The design concept is intended to mimic a child holding its mothers hand. Therefore this design will convey strength, and power while incorporating nature into it’s outdoors spaces on both towers. 

Both the Mama and Baby tower.

Both the Mama and Baby tower.

Centered around Pike Place Market and the waterfront, this luxe building will join others on 2nd avenue both historical and new. During a public meeting for comments on the proposed development the participants expressed the need for the building to fit in with the current landscape summarized by the public, “Stated the project has several city designated Landmarks in the immediate vicinity, and the design of the new building should be sensitive to and relate to the urban pattern, character and scale cues from that context; asserted that other new structures in the vicinity relate better.”

Construction is scheduled to begin in the Spring of 2020.

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