Recently Approved Bellevue Development Near East Main Light Rail

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A new Bellevue development is following Seattle’s lead to reduce reliance on cars. The development has been in the works with the Bellevue City Council since 2014, but on on July 8th the East Main area transit oriented development got approval! 

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The East Main area of Bellevue runs along 112th Avenue Southeast from Main Street to Southeast 6th Street, where the future light rail will run. Due to the development being centered near the light rail station, the city of Bellevue plans to not only promote less cars but also pedestrian usage.

The Development will be both residential and commercial, which means people will be able to live, work and relax among the open spaces. The Bellevue city council has been fully onboard with the idea since 2014 as they want to provide more affordable housing in Bellevue as the city grows. 

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