Another reason to move to or invest in Bellevue? Here's one - in a neighborhood you’ve never heard of...

As Facebook and Amazon build in Bellevue, the city is becoming even more of a technology hub. What does this mean for housing? Thousands of new units in Wilburton. Wilburton began as a logging town, but was annexed by Bellevue in 1967. Now, the middle-class neighborhood offers a suburban feel with coffee shops, parks, and restaurants and sits only two light rail stops from downtown Bellevue. According to, Wilburton ranks the third most diverse neighborhood in Bellevue and the sixth best neighborhood for young professionals.

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Bellevue Botanical Garden

This charming community favorite is open seven days a week and admission is free to all! Spanning 53 acres the gardens feature a suspension bridge and holiday lights. Visitors can engage in classes, lectures, children’s courses as well as the obvious relaxing day walking the grounds.

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Bellevue Square

Located near the Bellevue Arts Museum, with 180 retail shops including Macy’s and Nordstrom, Bellevue Square is one stop shop. The shopping center features valet parking, over 50 restaurants and a kid’s play area.

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Bellevue Arts Museum (BAM)

The BAM is a small jewel in downtown Bellevue. Featuring temporary modern art exhibits the Museum is ever-changing, giving Bellevue residents and non-residents alike good reason to return.

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Ryan Raffetto