HistoryLink Lunch

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend HistoryLink’s 2018 HistoryLunch: The Delicious Story of the Food & People of the Pike Place Market.


HistoryLink is a nonprofit corporation established in 1997 and dedicated to “the principle that history belongs to the entire community and that a better understanding of past events can improve public debate and decisions and enrich the lives of individuals.” HistoryLink’s primary activity is the production of HistoryLink.org, a free online encyclopedia of Washington state history – created expressly for the internet.


This event focused on the history and impact of “the Soul of the City” - Pike Place Market: In August of 1907, the Seattle City Council passed an ordinance to establish Pike Place Market, allowing farmers to sell directly to the public and eliminate the middleman. Not only did this create the cultural landmark that today represents our city, but also played a key role in Seattle’s Farm to Table movements, established a permanent physical space of support for local farmers and artisans, and changed the way that Pacific Northwest cuisine is defined.


On top of the Tom Douglas and Jason Melton curated menu inspired by the Market and Northwest wilderness (amazing!), hearing from the people who keep this historical landmark up and running was incredible. It was very inspiring to take time to sit back, listen, reflect and remember why this market, and our city, is so special. Our local stories really do matter, and we are lucky to have HistoryLink around to help us cherish those important lessons and adventures.


Walking away from this special event, I felt thankful, inspired, and energized to continue my own role in shaping, experiencing, loving, and being part of this extraordinary place we call home! I am very happy to be adding HistoryLink to the list of organizations that Raffetto Real Estate Advisors regularly contributes to. We are always making history, and it’s never any individual, but the collective that makes us great!






Ryan Raffetto